Global Digital Summit
(GDS. 2018)
2018.06.01 - 06.02

Swiss Grand,Xiamen,Fujian,China

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GDS.2018 Intro

About GDS(Global Digital Summit)

        Centered on the Internet Digital Field and Industry hotspots, 2018 Global Digital Summit will create digital field interconnected, shared work, and win-win internationalized sharing and social platform through conference sharing, forum dialogues, project roadshows and other activities.

        The summit will conduct in-depth communications and discussions on the most popular topics in this industry, such as domain, blockchain and new media. Gathering ideas from industry elites, it will explore the integration and innovation upgrading of digital assets, digital media, digital ecology and various industries, which aims to promote the penetration and integration of various areas of the Internet and realize the extension of the industry value.

        GDS2018 will be held in Xiamen, known as “Sea Garden City,” from 1st June to 2nd June 2018. Attracting many leading enterprise, business leaders, and industry experts, the summit will be co-organized by Ali Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Bizcn, Blockchain Planet and other well-known companies, which is a high-level and large-scale industry event in China.

        During GDS 2018, industry leaders will gather together to discuss the new trends of development in the industry and dig the greatest value in the Internet era. Also, there are awards ceremony, online and offline live broadcast, online live interactive answer questions and other exciting activities, which will open a new upgrade audio-visual feast for you, and see the vibrant future of digital age with you!

GDS.2018 Subject

International Summit with Grand Scale

With more than 100 world leading companies in the digital field, upstream and downstream companies, and competent authorities, the summit is more ambitious and will reignites the industry.

Cross-Border Integration between Three Industries

Focusing on hot topics such as domain, blockchain technology applications, and new media marketing, we will explore the cross-border integration and innovation of digital assets, digital media, and digital ecology.

500+ Industry Elites and VIP Guests

Gather together the business elites and industry professionals who will sharing the latest cutting-edge information and more wise knowledge and experience in the digital Internet era.

1000+ Correlated Participants

Based on the enrichment of the summit contents, cross-cutting and cross-industry related participants will achieve 1000+, obviously it would be an excellent social networking and business exchange opportunities.

GDS.2018 Focus

10,000 Simultaneous Live Broadcast & Interactive Answer

10,000+ people broadcast live and participate in interactive Q&A, showing the entertainment and interactive nature of the conference.

Project Roadshows, Closed-door Meeting

Conduct a number of project roadshows, promote exchanges and cooperation between companies and investors, share interactions, and call multi-industry representatives to brainstorm.

Interpretation of Industry Development Reports

Interpretation of industry analysis reports from a unique and novel perspective, and forecasting industry development trends.

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Cross-Strait Blockchain Alliance

Build a blockchain-based cross-strait cooperation community that integrates the resources of technology, capital, and applications, and gradually form a huge force for the development of blockchain.

Guests Dinner Party

Guest dinner, promote interaction between enterprises, users and partners, form a social networking platform, and create more business cooperation opportunities.

Annual Industry Festivals

Performances, awards, and interactive events will be conducted in succession to create an ambitious and splendid industry festival.

GDS.2018 Agenda

Day1-June.1,2018 Friday


Greeting guests


Football game


The reception

Day2-June.2,2018 Saturday Morning


Opening Ceremony (Launching Ceremony)


Speech (Government guests & Sponsors)




Industry Report

Global digital content industry development report

Blockchain technology and digital economy


Keynote speech (Domain in the age of Blockchain)


Unveiling ceremony for cross-straits Blockchain Collaborative Consortium


Forum: Integration and advancement of Blockchain and other industries

Day2-June.2,2018 Saturday Afternoon

Blockchain Branch Venue

Day2-June.2,2018 Saturday Afternoon


Speech: Exploring the Entrepreneurship Development of Cross-strait Blockchain.


Speech: Global Opportunities Across the Board


Speech: Blockchain technology breaks global retail landscape


Speech: Brand New Game Ecological Chain


Speech: Intellectual Property Chain——A Complex Business Logic That Realizes the Real World


Speech: Distributed WebVR Open Community Based on Blockchain Interactive Design


Speech: Asch - Efficient, Flexible and Secure Decentralized Application Platform


Awards Ceremony

Domains Branch Venue

Day2-June.2,2018 Saturday Afternoon


Speech: Domain and Blockchain


Forum: Domain Trade and Trend


Awards Ceremony


Speech: Domain Ecology Environment and Investment Strategy


Forum: Industry Participants Communicate New Opportunities in the Domain Industry


Speech: Domain Application and Domain Realization in the Era of Blockchain


Forum: New TLD Application Innovation and Value Creation

New Media Branch Venue

Day2-June.2,2018 Saturday Afternoon


Speech: Content Payment is an Age-Level Opportunity


Speech: Marketing Strategy for Million Worth of New Media Operations


Interaction: Live Answer Session


Speech: What to Pursue of 10W+ Post-era


Speech: Mini Program Realization Challenges and Trends


Speech: New Video Ecology: From Production to Distribution and to Marketing


Awards Ceremony

Planned Invited Guests



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